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STLC Program Application Process
The Springfield Teacher Leader Cadre (STLC) application process occurs twice per year: November-April and May-October. Applicants may choose the application window that works best for them. Each window includes several support classes during which participants are walked through the parts of the application, put in touch with other applicants for support, and offered a venue for sharing and revising applications.
Three requirements exist for applicants. They must (1) be a licensed SPS employee, (2) have at least three years experiences as a licensed employee (in any district), and (3) NOT have been on directed goals for any of the past three years.
Selection Process  
The Springfield Teacher Leader Cadre selection process consists of three phases:
Applicants are evaluated solely in relation to the scoring guides. This is NOT a competitive process - we have no limit to the number of participants, no restrictions regarding school, grade level, or subject-area representation. 
For assistance, please contact Laura Scruggs: 541-726-3347, laura.scruggs@springfield.k12.or.us