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  • What Makes the STLC Important

    Posted by Danielle Smith at 12/8/2015

    When I applied to the Cadre, I wanted to become a better leader, make connections with the teachers in our district, and contribute to the improvement of education in Springfield. The application was a big but rewarding project. I found the time reflecting on my teaching to be such a positive and worth-while process. Since joining, I have loved going on LEARNing Walks; visiting high school, middle school and elementary classrooms to see the continuum of education in SPS. I am also extremely excited about the direction our Cadre is going, with teachers becoming bigger leaders and hopefully having a voice with bigger audiences at the state level.

    -Danielle Smith, Two Rivers Dos Rios, 2nd grade

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  • Many Benefits

    Posted by Sara Starlin at 10/15/2014

    This year, with the support of STLC, I coordinated and hosted a cross-district collaboration event for speech language pathologists in Lane County. This allowed a group of educators, many who work in isolation the majority of the time and historically do not have access to district-provided professional development, the chance to learn about new strategies for serving students, problem-solve about challenging situations, and learn about area resources to support students with disabilities.

    -Sara Starlin, Speech-Language Pathologist, Maple Elementary

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  • Co-Teaching & Mentoring

    Posted by Angela Brewer at 4/17/2014

    Two areas I have wanted to grow as an educator this year are in co-teaching and mentoring. I am excited to participate in the Co-teaching class on April 20th taught by teacher leaders Connie Opsal and Sue Dickman. I have never felt ready or organized enough to take on a student teacher and provide the level of support that I know it takes to truly support a teacher in their infancy. I feel that I need further training to do the job justice. I’m excited to learn from Connie and Sue! I love learning from other teacher leaders - this is one of my favorite parts of being a member of the cadre.

    -Angela Brewer, HMS, 6th grade

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  • What the STLC Has Done For Me

    Posted by Elizabeth Sorensen at 3/24/2014

    The application process was a wonderful way for me to reflect on my own teaching strategies and how I have grown as an educator over the years.  My favorite meeting was our speech collaboration event held at the elementary school.  Speech Language Specialists got to share information with our peers on a variety of topics during a collaboration day.  I’m excited about learning more about the cultural exchange program.

    -Elizabeth Sorensen, Two Rivers Dos Rios, Speech Language Pathologist

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  • Stepping Out and Up

    Posted by Jennifer Mays at 5/21/2013

    Joining the STLC helped me push myself out of my comfort zone. Demonstrating leadership had always appealed to me, but I was reluctant to actually put myself forward and take the risk. Once accepted, I knew that I couldn’t hide in the shadows anymore, I’d have to step up and move forward. The Cadre has allowed me to do both. Working with others who are not only willing to be leaders, but who also actively support their colleagues in their leadership work, has been richly rewarding.

    -Jennifer Mays, Hamlin Middle School, Counselor

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  • Membership

    Posted by Lori Hornfelt at 1/11/2013

    Belonging to STLC has been inspirational.  This group of teachers has so much passion about what they do!

    -Lori Hornfelt, Speech-Language Specialist, Page Elementary/The Child Center

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