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2010-2011 Budget Communications
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Budget Communication Archives

Budget communications regarding the 2010-11 budget:

Web Links

State of Oregon
Read about the state's plans to address the $377.5 million shortfall.

Click here for links to other press releases and more information about the state's budget crisis.

Oregon Dept. of Education (ODE)
Read a statement from State Supt. Susan Castillo regarding the federal Education Jobs bill.

Read a statement from State Supt. Susan Castillo regarding the Governor's August revenue forecast.

Legislative Contact Info
Click here for information about legislators for our area.


May 2010: In early May 2010, the district presented a budget for 2010-11 based on state projections at the time. That budget looked similar to the 2009-10 budget (that is, $15.5 million short) but with no furlough days in the calendar.

An unanticipated $4.26 million revenue shortfall from the state later that month forced Oregon school districts to scramble to make some hard choices in order to reduce expenses quickly.

In addition to other district-wide reductions, district employee groups agreed to cut six to nine work days, depending on the employee group (five instructional days) from the next (2010-11) school year. In scheduling those furlough days, the district tried to minimize the impact of that reduction on students, staff and families while maintaining consistency for families across grade levels.

June 2010: The School Board approved the revised 2010-11 Budget Document at its June 14 Board meeting.

August 2010: A number of developments this summer have had districts scrambling once again. First, federal legislature allocated $10 billion in Education Jobs Funds to the states to use to save education jobs or reduce furlough days. Oregon's allocation is $118 million.

Shortly thereafter, however, the state announced a $377.5 million shortfall this year, which would have required more cuts in the current year's budget. Thankfully, the Governor and Legislature have agreed to provide resources to public schools to allow the school year to proceed as previously planned. These resources include use of the federal Education Jobs Funds as well as the use of some state reserve funds.

While this is welcome news that allows us to move forward this school year with the existing budget and existing calendar, it is a short-term fix to a long-term funding problem for K-12 education over the next few years. We will continue to keep our families and community members informed.

September 2010: The district announced that for the 2011-12 school year, our PERS obligation could cost the district an estimated $3 to $4 million additional dollars.

October 2010: The district held a number of regional meetings at locations throughout the city to inform the community about the district's ongoing budget challenges and solicit feedback and suggestions. Click here for more information about these Regional Budget Meetings.