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Cultural Competency

Springfield Public Schools is committed to nurturing a rich and diverse school community.

The Diversity and Equity Cadre is one example of this commitment. The Diversity and Equity Cadre—consisting of diverse classified, certified and administrative staff—was formed in spring of 2008. Funded by an Oregon Leadership Network (OLN) grant, the cadre was created to raise cultural awareness and address issues of equity across the district. Cadre members participate in professional development and training around issues of race and equity, offer workshops and technical assistance to schools and staff, and engage in a host of multicultural programs and activities.
The Student Voice project is an outgrowth of the Cadre's efforts to ensure that student voices are heard as part of this important conversation. 
The Cadre publishes an electronic newsletter, eQuality.
For more information about the Cadre or to be part of the group, contact Paul Weill at 541-726-3455.