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2010-11 Facility Advisory Committee

The committee presented its recommendations to the School Board at the Jan. 24 Board Meeting.

Click here to read/download the full report [PDF, 7 MB]
Click here to read/download a short summary
of the recommendations [PDF, 1 MB]

Click here for more information about the district's Priority Enrollment policy extending in-district transfers through March 4 giving priority to students who are recommended for transfer under the committee's report.

The following report components can be viewed or downloaded individually:

Chair's Report,
[PDF, 500 KB]
Section 1: Process Overview [PDF, <1 MB]
Committee Members
Section 2: Key Factors [PDF, <1 MB]
Budget History and Enrollment Trends
Target Enrollment
School Components
Facility Quality
Section 3: Recommendations [PDF, 1.6 MB]
Section 4: Additional Considerations, [PDF, <1 KB]
Mitigation of Impact on Students and Staff
Annual Savings of School Closures / Consolidations
Efficiencies Gained and Improved Delivery of Service
Transportation Impact
Cost to Close/Change Use of Facilities
Section 5: Appendices [PDF, 3 MB]
Enrollment History and Projections
Elementary and Middle School Key Components
Facilities Report Data for Elementary Schools
Facilities Report Data for Middle Schools
Cost Per Student Data
Facility Cost Data
School Facility Condition Rankings for Elementary
Facilities Issues List
10-Year Capital Improvement Plan
District Portable Condition Report
Program Space Needs
Recommendations with Student Enrollment
Revised Boundary Maps
Goshen/Pleasant Hill  Boundary Detail
Costs Associated with Closure/Consolidation
Bond Analysis
Component Cost Estimates for Future Bond
Construction Excise Tax Overview