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2010-11 Facility Advisory Committee
Priority Enrollment Information

Following is some important information regarding the district's decision to extend the "Priority Enrollment" period for parents of students in schools that are potentially impacted by the committee's recommendations for closure and consolidation: Brattain Elementary, Camp Creek Elementary, Goshen School, Moffitt Elementary, Mohawk Elementary and Springfield Middle School.

The committee has recommended that the typical January 31 deadline for student transfer applications be extended to March 4 in 2011 to provide adequate notice to students and families in schools potentially impacted by the recommendations.


Q. How can I find out more about the school that's recommended for my student to attend?
Click here to see what school your student would be transferring to.

Families are encouraged to learn more about the school that is recommended for transfer. They can schedule a visit to the school, visit the school's website, or talk to friends.

If a family feels strongly about a student attending a different school, the family may apply for a Priority Enrollment transfer to another school.

Q. Are people guaranteed their preference?

Please note that limitations associated with school transfers will not change. Transfer requests can only be approved when there is space available in the desired school and grade level.

Q. Who gets priority?

The committee’s recommendation is to give priority preference to requests from students currently on approved transfer requests, students at schools that are being closed or consolidated, and younger siblings of students already enrolled in the school.

Q. What about transportation?

As with any transfer, for students who opt to attend a school other than their assigned school, parents are expected to provide transportation for their student(s).

Q. What if the Board doesn't adopt the recommendations?

Parents are encouraged to submit a priority enrollment form if they want their child/children to attend another school than the school identified in the recommendations, even though the Board’s decision may not be made yet. If the Board decides a school recommended for closure is not to be closed, families can always opt out of their request for a transfer.


Q. How do I apply?

In-district application forms are available online or can be picked up at the District Office, 525 Mill St. The forms contain detailed information about how transfers are processed. Forms must be mailed to or dropped off at the Instruction Dept. at the District Office. Applications will be processed in the order they are received according to the priority designations shown above.

More questions? Please call 541-726-3440 for more information.