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2010-11 Facility Advisory Committee
Process Description

In October 2010, Springfield Public Schools convened a citizen-led Facility Advisory Committee comprised of 33 community and staff representatives to provide facility and enrollment recommendations to the School Board in this era of declining enrollment, shifting populations and diminishing resources.

The Facility Advisory Committee has met multiple times between October 2010 and January 2011. The committee was charged with ensuring that the district’s facilities support its instructional program and provide the best possible outcomes for all students.

[Click here to see the committee's membership.]

The committee was divided into two subcommittees to more efficiently address the complex issues involved. At each meeting, the subcommittees met independently and then rejoined to review progress and share information.

Facility Needs & Resources Subcommittee

Review facility needs, devise capital improvement plan, identify revenue strategies.

Partial list of topics considered:

  • What is the condition of each building and what are its long-term needs?
  • What are the district’s highest-need facilities, and what are the district's 10-year high-level capital improvement priorities?
  • What are the space needs of district-level programs and how can these needs be met?
  • What kinds of long-term funding strategies would be best to fund needed improvements—for example, a potential future bond measure?
  • What should the district do with any buildings or properties that are deemed to be no longer needed?

School Enrollment Subcommittee

Review current enrollment and enrollment trends, school size and programs to identify efficient usage of facilities and to create greater equity between students and schools.

Partial list of topics considered:

  • What is the target enrollment for an elementary or middle school to provide for adequate levels of shared resources, teacher collaboration and instructional programming?
  • How should we deal with declining and shifting enrollment throughout the district?
  • How do the schools compare in terms of cost and efficiency?
  • How can we create greater equity of programming and resources between students and schools?
  • What are the best ways to get closer to the target enrollments for each school—for example, by adjusting boundaries?

Final Recommendations

The committee as a whole balanced both facility and enrollment needs in producing its final recommendations around the primary considerations of target enrollment for schools, current and projected enrollment patterns, facility quality, budget concerns and equity of programming for all students. The committee carefully considered the potential impact of any closure or consolidation on students’ overall educational experience. Click here to see the final recommendations.

Because the committee was acting in an advisory capacity, it is up to the School Board to make a decision on these recommendations after consideration of public input. The Board has scheduled a special Board Meeting on March 8 at 7 p.m. at Agnes Stewart Middle School.

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