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Facility Advisory Committee
Target Enrollment Rationale

The Springfield Public Schools Leadership Team identified a number of key facility components as being ideal for greatest instructional efficiency and for delivering the full educational model:

Classrooms • Administration Space • Computer Lab/Tech-Friendly Space • Family/Community Center • Cafeteria/Commons • Gym • Space for Breakout Instruction • Special Education Space • Library • Dedicated Music Space • Flexibility in Use of Space

The team then identified the target enrollment that would make the most efficient use of these key components given the available financial resources.

Elementary (grades K-5)
450-500 students
75 students (3 teachers) per grade level

  • Provides a full compliment of staff, including classroom teachers, educational assistants, classified staff, special programs staff, music teachers, and other specialists. It also minimizes the amount of part-time specialists or roving staff that are necessary.
  • Allows for greater staff collaboration.
  • Creates options for dividing students within grade levels.
  • Provides options for instructional differentiation and academic interventions.
  • Increases equity across schools by increasing each school's ability to provide similar programs and services.
Middle (grades 6-8)
540-600 students
180-200 students per grade level

  • Allows the district to maintain comprehensive elective programs at the middle schools while allowing flexibility with school schedules.
  • Creates opportunity for grade-level "schools within a school" models.
  • Allows for greater regular, embedded staff collaboration.
  • Provides enough resource for a comprehensive related arts/elective program.
  • Support Response to Intervention (RtI) or three-tiered instructional model through flexible scheduling options and greater collaboration time.
  • Provides targeted intervention support for all students.
  • Potential to increase core instructional time in longer blocks of teacher/learning time during the school day.
  • Allows for greater emphasis on relationships by lowering the teaching load of core staff through schedule changes.