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Temporary Rider Permit
According to school district guidelines, in order to be considered an eligible bus rider, an elementary student must live more than one mile from school and secondary students more than one-and-one-half miles from school.
If the student is not an eligible bus rider and the parent wishes to have the student ride the bus for other reasons, such as day care, or transfer, the parent may request a Temporary Rider Permit.
  • At the beginning of the school year, temporary bus rider applicants may be asked to wait up to two weeks before permission to ride will be granted so that the district may determine bus capacity.
  • Be aware that temporary rider permits are granted on a space-available basis. Ridership may change throughout the year due to enrollment fluctuations, and temporary rider permits may be withdrawn by the district at any time the bus reaches capacity with eligible riders.
  • Temporary bus rider permits are only valid in the school year in which they are granted and parents must re-apply each school year.
  • Please note that Springfield school buses do not create additional or new bus stops for temporary riders. Those students will be asked to walk to the nearest existing bus stop.
  • Parents should also be aware that the district will not permit students to cross four-lane or three-lane roads to arrive at the bus stop. Temporary riderships will not be granted if parents cannot escort their children across four-lane or three-lane roads to arrive at the bus stop.
In order to be considered for bus transportation, please fill out the Temporary Rider Permit: English or Español. Return the form to the Transportation Department, 1890 42nd St., Springfield, 97478 or fax to 541-744-6379.
At the beginning of the school year, the Transportation Department begins processing Temporary Rider Permit requests on October 1 in the order the forms had been received. This will allow all routes to stabilize for a better count of available seats for students requesting temporary riding privileges. Thank you for your patience as the department works through this process in order to best serve our students.