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Voicing Opinions to Initiate Change Everywhere
"Empowered student voice is critical to the successful implementation of educational reform and school improvement."
Springfield's Student VOICE project grew out of the desire to give students more opportunities for the open and courageous conversations that are at the heart of student success. Springfield Public Schools is committed to continuing to engage our students to actively participate in helping to shape the future of our schools by illuminating and clarifying the purpose and mission of the schools.
At the core of the project is the notion that, in order for students to want to be in school and strive for academic success, they must:

• Feel safe and respected in school.
• Have access to caring adults who never give up.
• Experience curriculum, programs and activities that interest and engage them.
To give students access to the district leadership at the highest level, high school student council leaders have been actively participating in board meetings for many years.
Recognizing the importance of making student voices heard, a separate additional Student Advisory Group was formed in 2010 to provide high school students across the district with a chance to interact and discuss issues on a regular basis. These students represent a cross-section of students from various backgrounds, interests and ideas.
Student VOICE groups have formed at four district high schools to tackle some of the toughest issues facing our schools. The group meets periodically to share ideas and create a larger conversation. Students interested in participating should check with their school counselor for more information.
If you'd like to catch some snapshots of what Student VOICE is all about, click here to watch the 2012 Student VOICE video or the 2010 OLN presentation on the SPS YouTube page.