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TeachOregon & TeachSpringfield
Springfield Public Schools, Pacific University, University of Oregon, and Lane Community College are working together to change the future of education with support from the Chalkboard Project and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

While the diversity of the students in Springfield has steadily increased, the diversity of our staff has remained stagnant. Working together we will create a financial bridge for our prospective students from high school to licensure. As a result, we will increase the number of engaging, culturally relevant classrooms in Springfield Public Schools.

By changing perspectives on the costs of college and increasing access to college credits at the high school level, we are mitigating the existing systematic barriers and constructing a new path toward licensure that supports ALL students. Through TeachOregon, we are strengthening reciprocal, respectful relationships between our students and our institutions. Working together, we are changing the face of education.  
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