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2014–2015 Budget Communication

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On June 9, 2014, the School Board adopted the amended 2014–2015 budget approved by the District's community-based Budget Committee. The proposed budget was presented to the District's Budget Committee on May 15 and on May 29 the Budget Committee approved the proposed budget with one large amendment.
The committee wanted to see a larger investment in technology equipment in order to better prepare our students to be successful in the 21st century and to begin addressing the District’s goal to lead technology for learning.

The amendment increases the funding available for technology equipment by $200,000. When the proposed budget was developed, the district used very conservative estimates and has since discovered that some costs will not increase as much as originally anticipated – allowing budgeted funds to be moved to technology. The budget committee was able to make this amendment by using savings from several areas within the proposed budget, including property and casualty insurance costs, unemployment and worker’s compensation costs, and lower than originally anticipated healthcare costs. Our state school fund allotment is also due to increase by an additional $13,000 in 2014–2015.  

This does not affect the number of school days and we will still have a full school year in 2014–2015. It will be the first year with no furlough days since 2008. Next year, there are 175 student contact days – 3 more than this current year and well above our low of 166 in 2012–2013.  
The adopted budget is also available in print at the Administration Building (525 Mill Street). 
Questions about the adopted 2014–2015 budget should be directed to Business Operations staff at 541-726-3206 or to pr@springfield.k12.or.us.

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