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2014 Facilities Advisory Committee

At a July 29, 2014 school board meeting, the 2014 citizen-led Facilities Advisory Committee re-evaluated its 2012–2013 recommendations to guide the district as it reconsiders a future bond measure. 
The committee met 4 times between June and July 2014 and was comprised of 25 community and staff representatives. The committee was asked to focus on the following:
  • priorities for capital improvement projects given November 2013 election results and up-to-date facilities information;
  • the role of technology in the district's capital improvement plans; and
  • the potential for renovation rather than replacement of Hamlin Middle School based upon an architectural evaluation.
Committee members were also asked to ensure that any recommendations they made would help create an equitable experience for all students and all schools.
  • Replace 56-year-old Hamlin Middle School with a safer, energy efficient building that will last for generations and save tens of thousands of dollars in annual operating costs and save more than $10 million compared to the cost of renovating the current building. The committee recommends the facility be replaced due to significant issues, including: outdated electrical service equipment, deteriorating galvanized piping under the building slab, portable classrooms in nearly unusable condition, lack of a fire sprinkler system, continual roof damage due to rain and the peaked construction of the roof. Hamlin has been recommended for replacement by the 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2014 committees. For more information about the evaluation of Hamlin, including the architect's report, click here.
  • Provide the necessary additional classroom space to accommodate a comprehensive educational program at the elementary level.The committee recommends constructing additional classroom space to help preserve the key components of the elementary program and ensure that valued initiatives such as literacy, music, arts, special education, family centers and others retain their places in schools while also maintaining Springfield's value of neighborhood schools.
  • Improve school facilities.The committee recommends that the district invest future bond funding in protecting the community's investment in school buildings by replacing old, worn out plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems and other components with modern, efficient, energy-saving equipment that will save tens of thousands of dollars in annual operating costs each year.
  • Update technology infrastructure and instructional technology in order to prepare all students to be successful in 21st-century colleges and careers. The committee recommends that the district update classroom technology to support the growing use of cloud computing, e-textbooks and classroom resources, as well as provide students with the opportunity to gain technology skills valuable to future employers. Technology infrastructure investments will allow the district’s technology systems to support the new classroom technology as well as the security technology that helps keep students and staff safe.
To find out more about the committee, its process, and to read the entire report, which includes an appendix of information presented to the committee, please click on the links below: