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Hamlin Middle School

Hamlin student All students deserve a modern, efficient learning environment and Hamlin Middle School, at 57 years old, is the District's most problematic building. Hamlin’s outdated electrical equipment, deteriorating drinking water and sewage piping, lack of a fire sprinkler system, leaking roof and old portable classrooms hinder learning. The building's open campus design also hinders the ability to secure the school and ensure student and staff safety.
The District's community-led Facilities Advisory Committee – comprised of community members, staff and independent facilities experts – has recommended that Hamlin be replaced in 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2014 due to the number of growing building issues and the building's inability to adequately support the current educational program.  
In response to community questions regarding the possibility of renovating rather than replacing Hamlin, the District asked Robertson | Sherwood | Architects to evaluate the current building and develop a proposal for renovation that would:
  1. address the major building issues.
  2. create instructional spaces that support a modern educational program.
The independent analysis of the cost of replacing or renovating Hamlin confirms that Hamlin can be replaced with a safer, energy efficient building that will save tens of thousands of dollars in annual operating costs and more than $10 million over the cost of renovating the current building.
Ultimately, the facilities experts at Robertson | Sherwood | Architects recommended that the District not renovate the school due to the higher cost of renovation.