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LEARNing Walks
Growing Through Observation, Discussion, and Reflection
The goal of LEARNing Walks is to improve practice through observation and reflection. Teams of teachers travel to three or more schools to observe in the classrooms of elementary, middle and high school teachers. Focused on the students, participants identify what students are Learning, the ways in which they are Engaging with the information, the Atmosphere of the classroom, the Routines supporting the learning process, and then their own Next steps - application of their learning. 

The FOCUS QUESTION is: What strategies can I use to improve my professional practice 
and therefore the educational experience of my students? 
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To find out more about LEARNing walks:
Download the LEARNing walks guide.
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LEARNing Walks are sponsored by the Springfield Teacher Leader Cadre.  

Take a LEARNing Walk
Interested in participating in a LEARNing walk?
Contact Laura Scruggs at 541-726-3347 or laura.scruggs@springfield.k12.or.us