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TeachSpringfield encompasses four goals and ten programs. There is always something happening, always progress being made. Each program has its own publications, but the project is working to publish an overview newsletter each month. This is the home of all TeachOregon communications.

In search of more information or specifics about any program, contact the TeachOregon program coordinator: Laura Scruggs at laura.scruggs@springfield.k12.or.us
  • TeachOregon: Newsletter #2 - February 24, 2015

    Posted by Laura Scruggs at 2/24/2015
    Newsletter #2  
     TeachOregon's Newsletter #2 focuses on updating readers on current events in several of our ten programs. Highlights include the Lane County Teacher Pathways Program, Teacher Cadets, Purposeful Placement, Co-Teaching, and the professional development school at Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary. 
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  • TeachSpringfield: Newsletter #1

    Posted by Laura Scruggs at 1/30/2015
    Our first newsletter offers and overview of the entire TeachOregon project, a look at our communication plan, and highlights of the Teacher Cadet Program, our Pay-It-Forward, Pay-It-Back Program, and future plans.
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  • TeachOregon Flow Chart

    Posted by Laura Scruggs at 1/29/2015
    TeachOregon includes four focus areas and ten active programs. This flow chart offers a summary of the ten programs, a list of people involved, and shows the connections between the blueprint areas and the work being implemented.
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  • TeachOregon Communication Plan

    Posted by Laura Scruggs at 1/28/2015
    Our New Year's resolution is to provide more information to our stakeholders. The first task of the new year was to plan and approve ways in which we can stay in touch.
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