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Aspiring Teachers Program
The Aspiring Teachers Program is focused on encouraging talented students to pursue teaching as a profession.
 Our goals include:
  • Promoting and celebrating education as an important and viable career.
  • Encouraging multi-lingual, culturally diverse, and/or first generation college students to visualize themselves as educators.
  • Helping students and their families with the steps toward their goals.
  • Students having ready access to the tools needed to break out of societal and systemic barriers like generational poverty and stereotypes. 

Springfield Public Schools has chosen to adopt the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement's (CERRA) curriculum for both the Teacher Cadet (high school) and Pro-Team (middle school) programs. CERRA is based in South Carolina and was founded in 1985. Focused on increasing the number of students in the education pipeline and recruiting and retaining qualified, caring, and competent teachers, CERRA offers programs and supports from middle school through induction and mentorship and into teacher leadership.

CERRA programs have experienced great success and are spreading around the globe as more and more districts, states, and countries find themselves facing a shortage of teachers.
Teacher Cadets