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Teacher Cadets
Springfield's Teacher Cadets Program began in the fall of 2014. The previous summer, staff attended trainings from the Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention and Advancement (CERRA) on the curriculum and methods of the program.
The Teacher Cadets Program is divided in to four themes:
  1. Experiencing Learning
  2. Experiencing the Profession
  3. Experiencing the Classroom
  4. Experiencing Education
Throughout the year, Cadets examine their own strengths and areas for improvement as learners. They examine the styles and needs of learners and the growth and development of students. After this quarter-long self-evaluation, Cadets learn about the history of education in the United States, certification requirements, and ethics and professionalism. Throughout the year Cadets are in elementary and middle school classrooms observing teachers, working with students, and sharing their own learning through presentations and puppet shows.
Springfield is currently working with Chemeketa Community College to provide credit for the Teacher Cadets classes.