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The Future of the Administration Building
District leadership announced in June 2015 that the 94-year-old Administration Building located at 525 Mill Street had been declared "seismically unsound" in a recent engineering report.
Because of the age of the facility, District leadership had been concerned about the soundness and safety of the building for some time. The recent seismic reports validated those concerns and provided enough urgency to prompt the District to move forward quickly.

District leadership and the school board concurred that any decision should be made in consideration of community feedback.
"We recognize that the building, which has been repurposed many times over the years, has sentimental value to many former students and staff members," said Chief Operations Officer Brett Yancey. "While the safety of our staff is of great importance, we also want the community to understand the issues at hand so that we make a thoughtful decision."
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  • District Purchases Building

    Posted by Communications at 12/15/2015

    Here's a brief update: The district has purchased the building located at 640 A Street in Springfield from the Lane Council of Governments. The approximate move-in date has been postponed pending completion of needed renovations and the relocation of current ODOT staff.

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  • Board to Discuss Options at Aug 10 Meeting

    Posted by Communications at 8/4/2015
    The Board is expected to continue to discuss the four options on the table to address the Administration Building's safety issues at the August 10 board meeting.
    In the meantime, staff has been directed to continue to conduct research and flesh out the options, including searching for potential property.
    As with any board meeting, public comment will be allowed at the beginning of the meeting.
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  • Facilities Committee Considers Four Options

    Posted by Communications at 7/27/2015
    District leadership convened the district's citizen-led Facilities Advisory Committee to provide feedback and discussion on the options the District has to address the Administration Building's safety concerns. The 25-member committee, made up of community members, district staff and current and former school board members, met to evaluate four options:
    • retrofit the building;
    • rebuild on the current site;
    • rebuild off site; or
    • move to a different existing building.

    Any final decision will require the district to use funds from external sources. No bond funds will be used. Part of the Distict’s due diligence is to consider the associated costs for each option.
    “It’s important that all Springfield Public Schools staff is able to do their work in a safe environment,” said Chief Operations Officer Brett Yancey. “Fortunately, the district has the capacity and expertise to find an appropriate solution, and we will make a decision that is cost-effective and doesn’t divert any funds from our students.”

    The committee presented its recommendations to the School Board for their consideration. The Board will make the final determination. 

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