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Admin Bldg A Brief History of the Administration Building

Following is a brief summary of the history and usage of the current Administration Building located at 525 Mill Street.

  • The first Springfield school was believed to be located at 7th & B. Miss Agnes Stewart was purportedly one of the first teachers.
  • The two-room Mill Street School was the second school built for the growing community at Mill and D in 1888.
  • As the community grew, a two-room, two-story school was built on the site.
  • Lincoln School was built around 1910 as a grade school (now student parking for SHS), and the Mill Street school received additions to become Mill Street High School.
  • The building was replaced in 1921 and continued as Mill Street High School.
  • The building was converted to Mill Street Junior High School in 1942 when Springfield Union High was built on 10th St.
  • One former student reports that 8th grade moved to the new Springfield Junior High at 1084 G (now Two Rivers-Dos Ríos Elementary) in 1951.
  • The building served various purposes for the district, including another stint as an elementary school, before being converted to the district's Administration Building in 1964.