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GHS Tiny House Update

Update, 3/2/16: Although the project was not selected to advance in the Samsung competition, Ellingson's class is moving full-steam ahead on funding and building a house. To that end, they have set up a tax-deductible GoFundMe account to raise the approximately $10,000 the house is expected to cost. In-kind donations are also welcome; the GoFundMe page includes a list of materials required. The group hopes to begin construction in April so that the house will be ready in May.

Holly Ellingson’s Gateways High science classes learned last month that their proposed tiny house project had been selected the Oregon state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest (www.samsung.com/us/solvefortomorrow), winning $20,000 in technology for the school.
The next step in the contest calls for Ellingson to send a video summary of the project, due Feb. 9. Then in early March, 15 national finalists will be chosen and their videos posted online for public voting. This will then be narrowed to the final 5 finalists.
No matter the outcome of the contest, however, Ellingson plans to move forward with the project in her two science classes. To that end, she has teamed with Alex Daniell from Backyard Bungalows (the folks who helped design Eugene's Opportunity Village) to work with students this month on design concepts.
The students voted which design to move forward with on January 22.
Beginning in February, the students will begin working on a fundraising campaign to raise funds to build the tiny house. Then, the core Tiny House Team will proceed with building—on weekends, or after school during the spring, again with help from Alex and Backyard Bungalows.
Ellingson is also beginning talks with public entities to determine an eventual location for the tiny house.