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SEF Fuels Hamlin STEAM Projects

Ron Pottorf receives grant Hamlin STEAM teacher Ron Pottorf is partnering with shop teacher Paul Cesmat to purchase supplies and materials for a number of STEAM-based projects for students at all grade levels.
  • 6th-graders will work on mousetrap cars and build model houses, including use of LEDs, resistors, batteries and circuits to wire the houses
  • 7th-graders will build kites, piñatas and hill-climbing cars.
  • 8th-graders will build wind turbines and solar art cars that will compete in the county-wide EWEB Solar Challenge.
The projects all incorporate science, technology, engineering and math skills along with an opportunity to explore students' artistic and creative abilities. By approaching teaching and learning through project-based collaborative problem solving, students gain a deeper understanding of scientific practices and the importance of teamwork.
"Our goal is to keep students engaged in learning through fun, interactive, hands-on activities that provide an integrated experience using science, technology, engineering, art and math skills," says Pottorf.
Hamlin model house The 6th-grade model house project is an introduction to architecture and interior design. This year, with help from the SEF grant, they will be adding lighting through the use of LEDs, resistors and batteries. Students will construct a house while continuing to hone measurement and tool skills, then will learn some basic circuit design to wire their house for light.
"We would also like to recognize and thank Mohawk Valley Grille Works of Springfield, and Advanced Cabinet Designs of Eugene for their long-term and continuing donation of materials to Hamlin's Industrial Ed and STEAM engineering programs," says Cesmat. "We simply could not afford to do these extensive projects for our kids without help from our partners."
Thank you, SEF, for making our great programs even greater!
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