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June 2016 Committee Update

Posted by Deb Jolda at 7/5/2016

The Oversight Committee's June report highlighted Hamlin progress, which included the completion of initial site work and the completion of construction documents. Notably, the district opted to extend the anticipated build-out length by 4-1/2 months to allow for a more competitive bidding process. However, this will delay the opening of the new school to students until January of 2018.

Classroom additions: Work on the Maple addition has been further delayed due to issues with the contractor, but work is still expected to be complete by September.

Capital improvement projects: Thurston High and Guy Lee are due to receive new boilers, Briggs will get new HVAC digital controls and air conditioning and Thurston Middle School will receive a new gym floor.

TMS Gym Floor

Two new projects were added to the list after rising in priority. Springfield High's boilers in the main instructional wing were failing at a rapid and consistent rate and were marked for replacement. The Yolanda Elementary School parking lot was in major disrepair and prsented several safety concerns for children and was due to be mostly completed in time for school to begin.

Yolanda parking lot