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September 2016 Committee Update

Posted by Deb Jolda at 9/15/2016

The September report provides detail about Hamlin foundational work. September finds Briggs and Thurston middle schools and Ridgeview and Riverbend elementary schools on the list of schools with wireless work completed. The installation of classroom projection systems is now complete at all schools except Thurston High, Yolanda, Springfield High, A3, Thurston Elementary and Maple Elementary, which are scheduled to be completed by the next report.

A total of 1,990 student computer devices have been deployed to date, including the business labs at both Thurston High and Springfield High, the SHS metals lab and SHS automotive lab.

SHS business lab upgrade

More than 650 student devices were installed this summer at Mt. Vernon and Two Rivers-Dos Ríos elementary schools, Thurston Middle School, Springfield High and Thurston High, with more heading for Two Rivers and Centennial. Additional school proposals are being evaluated.

Student computers